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EcoFinance is a dynamically growing financial technology company, established in 2015. We provide access to loans for underserved consumers across Europe and other regions. We are a part of Dyninno Group of companies founded in San Francisco, delivering products and services to 50 markets globally via powerful marketing, IT, and lead generation.
We choose the markets we operate in selectively, leveraging the knowledge, language skills, and know-how of the Dyninno Group. We build our business with a long-term view and a substantial capacity to scale. Our current product offering includes short-term loans, installment loans and credit lines. We service our customers online and via phone. Combining powerful online technology usage and human interaction in our call centres gives us a competitive edge in creating an effective and smooth customer experience.
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Data Analysis

Lead-generation and call centers are our powerful growth machine and by deploying state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to gather data quickly and effectively.

In-house IT solutions

Dyninno Group’s in-house IT solutions are tailor-made for our needs and processes, allowing us to pursue success and unleash the creative and innovative potential of technologies.

Sales excellence

Call centers are the cornerstone of our business, allowing us to convert valuable leads into loyal customers. By applying our know-how in fintech, we recruit and train the most professional talent, ensuring high-level operational processes and dedicated customer service.

Our current business

Total registered clients: 100, 000
Total registered clients: 4,6 mln
Lines of Credit

A convenient and flexible lending product, which allows 24/7 access to funds and the interest rate is being charged only from the used amount. Clients may deposit or withdraw funds at any time.

Installment Loans

We aim to become a long-term partner for our clients, which is why we focus on providing more long-term lending products, such as installment loans to our customers across all locations.

Single Payment Loans

A short-term lending product is offered to new clients with a 0% interest rate.


EcoFinance brands always operate under direct supervision and in full compliance with the local regulatory institutions (Finance Commissions and Central Banks). EcoFinance encourages responsible lending and it is our priority to ensure that our offered services and lending decisions are transparent and clear. We follow our internal standards of Responsible Lending and fair treatment to our clients. These standards are based on the following principles:

We follow the law. Always. By the letter and spirit. We comply with the highest ethical standards when working with our clients through all of the process stages and in different situations.


Our credit decisions are made taking into account various metrics. Every client has the opportunity to use our services on the conditions specified in the documents published on our sites, as well as stated in the contract that we conclude with each borrower. We do not require ideal credit history. We understand that there can be different situations in life, so we ensure an individual approach to each client case and we always try to find a way to provide access to funding.


Clear and open communication is in the core of our business and we are committed to building long-term client relationships. We make sure to analyze and assess all the possible risks of every client case.

We always remind clients about payment dates and offer to postpone the payment in case of unforeseeable circumstances. We understand that there are different situations in life and are always ready to find the best solutions together.


We make sure all of the relevant information, including fees, key terms and conditions, legal documentation and advertising is clear, understandable and accessible to each one of our clients at any time.


We are always there for you. For any questions, you can always contact us at any time and form most convenient for you (toll-free phone, skype, email, etc.). If you do not have the opportunity to call us, order a call on the main page and you will be called back shortly. We are always open to communicate with you about every concerning matter.


We ensure complete confidentiality of our clients' data. Every client's contact with the company is confidential and all the data is reliably protected by modern equipment and data encryption.

Our mission

We believe financial services should be simple, convenient and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to bring together modern technologies, lean processes, and finance in a customer-friendly way, that gives millions of people instant access to financial services wherever they are, a touch of a button or phone call away.

Simple, convenient and accessible to everyone


We are an IT company at the core. Our organization is flat and everyone is encouraged to share their skills, aspirations, and knowledge with others. While there are many independent teams working on different processes and products simultaneously, we do have a strong internal culture that resonates in all of our worldwide offices. Our culture and values keep us together and make our offices a place where friendships are born, goals are accomplished, and successes are celebrated.

Who we are

Positive and open to change
Responsible and committed
Professional and competent
The team

How we work

We constantly innovate
We focus on results
We grow talent
Open and simple communication


Dmitry Tsymber
Dmitry Tsymber
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Vadim Vodeaniuc
Vadim Vodeaniuc
Chief Operational Officer (COO)
Roberts Bite
Roberts Bite
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Normunds Stikuts
Normunds Stikuts
Finance Director
Sergey Telshevsky
Sergey Telshevsky
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Part of global company

We are a part of Dyninno Group of companies that provide sales, lead generation, and in-house IT solutions to brands operating in more than 50 markets worldwide. Founded in San Fransisco, US, Dyninno Group are experts in business process optimisation with more than 18 years of business experience.

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Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Montreal
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Bogota
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Cairo
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Gurugram
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Riga
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in CHIȘINĂU
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Manila, Cebu
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in Bucharest
United Kingdom
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in London
Our offices located in the cities: Represented brands in San Francisco


Global Brands Magazine - Most Innovative Digital Lending Platform, Romania 2023

International Finance Magazine - Most Innovative Online Lending Platform

Wealth and Finance Magazine - The Best Online Lending Solution Provider in Eastern Europe

GBO Awards 2022 - The fastest Growing Digital Lending Platform in Romania


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